Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Administration and Supervision

First Advisor

C. Elliott Ostler, Ed.D.


School librarians support access to information and resources in the school library. In a time of misinformation and fake news, access to accurate and timely information is key. School librarians work to serve the needs of all students in every learning environment including alternative, remote, and face to face. At the same time, school librarians are charged with providing multiple perspectives and resources which speak to the needs and interests of every student. Selection policy provides the framework for student access. The school library is a center for equitable student access to information and resources. District selection policies provide the foundation school librarians use in the selection process and acquisition of materials. School library leaders serve district librarians and students by supporting equitable access to resources which reflect and speak to diverse populations, needs, and experiences. The purpose of this quantitative study was to explore district school library leaders' behaviors regarding selection policies. Using the ALA Library Bill of Rights (2019) and specifically, the Access to Information and Resources in the School Library: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights (2014a), the study evaluated behaviors which support access to information and resources in the school library. The results provide guidance regarding selection policy for school librarians, administrators, school board members, parents, and the community at large.