Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Administration and Supervision

First Advisor

Elliott Ostler


The increased attrition in the teacher workforce has policy makers at state and national levels attempting to fill vacancies from a candidate pool that is drying up. Particularly of interest is the percentage of beginning teachers who are leaving the profession early in their careers. Researchers have examined elements of preparation or induction programs in relation to teacher effectiveness to understand needs of preservice and novice teachers. Elements such as required coursework, clinical experiences, mentoring programs, and professional development have been studied. Some studies have examined preparedness in relation to student achievement or supervisor appraisals of novice teachers. Researchers have also analyzed data which reveals teacher perception of preparedness. The Nebraska Department of Education began issuing a survey to first year teachers and their supervising principals in 2017 to gather data around the perceived level of preparedness of new teachers. In this modified Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) study, the survey results were analyzed to reveal trends in the perceptions of beginning teachers and of their supervising principals. Likert response portion of the survey was analyzed. Proportions of the data revealed noteworthy changes over time. Chi squared analytics were applied to uncover patterns of statistical significance which were housed in a probability matrix. The outcome of this modified EDA study explored additional implications for preparation and support of preservice and beginning teachers.


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