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For my part in the retrospective, I have the pleasure of revisiting Roy’s questions to choose my favorite from. One of my top three is ‘Does the Joker Have Six-Inch Teeth?,’ and another is ‘What the $#@& is Happening to 1986?’ The post about the Joker’s dentition is a great example of Roy’s thinking about the characteristics and conventions, the very nature of comics. On the other hand, the post about 1986 dwells centrally on the relationship that comics have with audiences and, especially, the…uhm…business practices that for good and for ill run alongside.

But for my favorite, I settled on ‘How Should We Feel About “Good Girl Art”?’ Part of my choice reflects a moderately selfish motivation: most of my own research and teaching activities revolve around the social and linguistic construction of identity. Roy’s post delves into (1) formal conventions in comics; (2) issues of reading practices and reader identity; (3) the powerful and lasting role of sexism in the creation of comics as well as the reading of comics; and (4) broad questions regarding gender and sexuality.


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