<i>Search and Seizure: The Fourth Amendment for Law Enforcement Officers</i>

Search and Seizure: The Fourth Amendment for Law Enforcement Officers



Search and seizure in law enforcement is an important area, and this book is devoted solely to that topic. This book aims to provide critical information about the U.S. Constitution, with special emphasis on search and seizure. It will help law enforcement officers to increase their legal knowledge about search and seizure and create a framework for effective problem solving and decision making in the field. It is practically written and focused on practical ideas. To help the reader develop analytic abilities for practice, brief quotations from U. S. Supreme Court cases reveal legal reasoning by justices. An important feature of the book is the translation of the U. S. Supreme Court cases into practical guidance. Captions for sections allow the reader to locate materials on topics of concern, such as conducting search and seizure in a particular context. The organization of the book facilitates both learning and teaching. There are also legal and criminal justice terms that are defined for the reader. Close to one hundred U. S. Supreme Court cases are reviewed, and a list of cases by chapter is also provided. It will be useful to not only trainees and students but also to experienced veterans in providing an in-depth understanding of the Fourth Amendment and the underlying legal principles, which is essential for making effective judgments in real-life law enforcement situations. It also provides attorneys, forensic specialists, and law enforcement personnel already in the field with valuable information for professional development.



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Charles C. Thomas


Springfield, Illinois



<i>Search and Seizure: The Fourth Amendment for Law Enforcement Officers</i>

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