<i>American Pragmatism and Organisation: Issues and Controversies</i>

American Pragmatism and Organisation: Issues and Controversies



Editors: Mihaela Kelemen and Nick Rumens

Chapter: The practice of Government Finance, co-authored by John Bartle, UNO faculty member.

Emerging during the late nineteenth century in the diverse scholarship of US commentators such as Charles Sanders Peirce, William James and John Dewey, American pragmatism shaped many intellectual currents within a range of disciplines including politics, education, administrative science and religion. Despite attracting attention and interest due to its conceptualization of theory, in terms of its practical consequences for improving the human condition, American pragmatism struggled to maintain its influence and suffered a hiatus until it experienced a renaissance within scholarly circles during the 1970s.

While renewed interest in American pragmatism continues to grow, with some scholars distinguishing between classical, neo and new forms of pragmatism, it is only relatively recently that organization studies scholars have drawn upon American pragmatist philosophies for shedding new light on aspects of contemporary organizational life. This edited collection builds on this emergent literature in an engaging and scholarly manner.

American Pragmatism and Organization is a ground-breaking collection and distinctive in its book-length treatment of American pragmatism as a relevant resource for analysing organisations. It draws together an international body of research focused on the interconnections and interplay between American pragmatism and organizational phenomena, explores the theoretical possibilities afforded by pragmatist thinking for understanding organization, and illuminates the practical advantages of doing so.



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Gower Publishing


Burlington, Vermont


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Bartle, J.S. (2013). The practice of Government Finance. In M. Kelemen (Ed.), American Pragmatism and Organisation: Issues and Controversies. Burlington, VT: Gower Publishing.

<i>American Pragmatism and Organisation: Issues and Controversies</i>