<i>Aerospace Workforce Development: The Nebraska Proposal; and Native Connections: A Multi-Consortium Workforce Development Proposal</i>

Aerospace Workforce Development: The Nebraska Proposal; and Native Connections: A Multi-Consortium Workforce Development Proposal

Brent Bowen, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Karisa Vlasek
Valerie Russell
UNO Aviation Institute

Part of the University of Nebraska Omaha Aviation Institute Aviation Monograph Series.

Bowen, B. D., Vlasek, K., Russell, V., & University of Nebraska at Omaha. (2003). Aerospace workforce development: The Nebraska proposal, and native view connections, a multi-consortium workforce development proposal. Omaha, Neb: UNO Aviation Institute, University of Nebraska at Omaha.


UNOAI Report 04-4

The NASA Nebraska Space Grant Consortium (NSGC) delivers highly-skilled graduates in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) competencies to the NASA-related career pipeline. NSGC's 2002 and 2003 Nebraska Aerospace Workforce Development Projects forged higher education, industry and community partnerships together with customer-focused workforce training that significantly impacted the workforce in the STEM expertise that NASA most requires. NSGC proposes to meet the steadily increasing demand for STEM content skills and to safeguard minority representation in these disciplines with a broad range of workforce development activities targeting NASA's need to strengthen connections with the higher education, industry y d community organization sectors. This proposal fortifies NASA's Vision for Space Exploration, by partnering with the best in the aerospace industry to inspire our youth to enter the technical fields that NASA needs most.

NativeConnections is a continuation of the highly successful NativeView Connections multi-consortia workforce project. Phase II eliminates the word “view” to help differentiate it from the USGS NativeView initiative (With which NativeConnections is closely aligned). This proposal engages 8 Space Grant Consortia (NE, ID, KS, OR, ND, SD, UT, WY) in a partnership with Native American higher education institutions or higher education entities with ties to Native American tribes to provide geospatial training. Each participating state will continue their established mentoring relationships among Space Grant program, remote sensing specialist, and tribal partner(s). NativeConnections builds upon the successes of Native IMAGE (Institute for Managing Applications in Geospatial Extension), Nebraska Space Grant-funded center and a charter member of NativeView. NativeView is a consortium of tribal colleges/universities, industry partners, and other tribal entities working to improve geospatial applications on native lands.