<i>NASA EPSCoR Nebraska Preparation Grant: Year 1</i>

NASA EPSCoR Nebraska Preparation Grant: Year 1

Brent D. Bowen, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Bruce J. Holmes
UNO Aviation Institute

Part of the University of Nebraska Omaha Aviation Institute Aviation Monograph Series.

Bowen, B. D., Bowen, B. D., Holmes, B. J., & University of Nebraska at Omaha. (1999). NASA EPSCoR Nebraska Preparation Grant: Year 1. Omaha, Neb: UNO Aviation Institute, University of Nebraska at Omaha.


UNOAI Report 99-2

The NASA EPSCoR Preparation Grant for Nebraska will provide meaningful opportunities to this state, as it will enable researchers to solidify ties to key NASA centers where relationships have already been established in anticipation of this announcement. Nebraska will utilize this funding to strengthen collaborations with NASA Center personnel and to lay the foundation for future research activities. Nebraska is prepared to meet each provision of the RFP provided that funding is available to meet the necessary timeline for this first year. Administrative costs will be well below the threshold set by the NASA Program Manager. All overhead costs will be waived and directly invested in the grant. Outlined herein, reviewers will discover a coordinated and well-conceived plan which has research sponsors from NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and NASA John H. Glenn Research Center (GRC) at Lewis Field.

This proposal incorporates several key features consistent with the purpose of this program. First, it creates a new research cluster as a result of a call for research presented by a key NASA LaRC research program manager. Second, it includes an augmentation of a NASA EPSCoR mini-cluster at the request and sponsorship of a NASA GRC researcher. Third, it sets aside seed funds that will augment, with first priority, current NASA Nebraska EPSCoR and Space Grant research projects with existing ties to NASA Center/Enterprise research personnel. In order to complement and sustain the significance of resulting research, the proposal includes provisions to generate meaningful public outreach and education from the preparation grant key research cluster. This outreach, consistent with NASA directives and the NASA Nebraska EPSCoR Program objectives, will focus on the under-represented Native American population.