<i>NASA Nebraska Space Grant 5 Year Proposal</i>

NASA Nebraska Space Grant 5 Year Proposal

Brent D. Bowen, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Karisa Vlasek
Valerie Russell
UNO Aviation Institute

Part of the University of Nebraska Omaha Aviation Institute Aviation Monograph Series.

Bowen, B. D., Russell, V., Vlasek, K., & University of Nebraska at Omaha. (2004). NASA Nebraska space grant 5 year proposal. Omaha, Neb: UNO Aviation Institute, University of Nebraska at Omaha.


UNOAI Report 04-5

When the NASA Nebraska Space Grant Consortium (NSGC) resolved to answer the FY 2005 National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program -- Proposal and Budget Call, we made a commitment to align our efforts with NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration. As NASA transforms, NSGC is also evolving to better adapt to an environment poised to launch a new generation toward space exploration. This proposal documents the NSGC process.