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UNOAI Report 2001-5

This document contains four papers concerning collegiate aviation research and education solutions to critical safety issues. “Panel Proposal Titled Collegiate Aviation Research and Education Solutions to Critical Safety Issues for the Tim Forte Collegiate Aviation Safety Symposium” (Brent Bowen) presents proposals for panels on the following topics: geographic north versus magnetic north to provide enhanced national airspace system safety; weather safety training for general aviation pilots through computer flight simulation; identification of human behavior and aircraft maintenance safety issues; disaster preparedness, emergency response, and curriculum development; the collegiate aviation emergency response checklist; and systemic initiatives in aviation safety research. “Current Regulatory Status in Regard to Maintenance Resource Management” (Chien-tsung Lu, Brent Bowen) explores documents, evidence, and perspectives on maintenance resource management training. “Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response, and Curriculum Development” (Michaela M. Schaaf, Brent D. Bowen) discusses a new upper-level aviation course at the University of Nebraska at Omaha that grew out of research in the area of safety, disaster preparedness, and emergency response. “The Collegiate Aviation Emergency Response Checklist: Fundamental Pre-crisis Planning” (Mary M. Fink, Michael K. Larson) discusses and presents the University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute’s emergency response checklist, which is designed for use is a flight student is involved in an aircraft accident or incident.

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University of Nebraska Omaha Aviation Institute


Omaha, Nebraska




Part of the UNO Aviation Institute Monograph Series.

<i>Collegiate Aviation Research and Education Solutions to Critical Safety Issues</i>

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