<i>Investigations in Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics</i>


Investigations in Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics



Chapter 29: Acceptability and Intelligibility of Moderately Dysarthic Speech by Four Types of Listeners, co-authored by Amy Wilson Teten, UNO faculty member.

Investigations in Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics is a sequel to the eighth meeting of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association, attended by delegates from 26 different countries. This book reflects the scope of the subject area of clinical phonetics and linguistics, the balance of input into it with respect to the different kinds of research being carried on, and the representation of researchers from different parts of the world. Its scope includes the application of all levels of linguistic analysis and the chapters of the book have been ordered as far as possible according to linguistic level, beginning with pragmatics and ending with acoustics. It will be immediately apparent that a greater number of chapters are concerned with applications of phonetics and phonology then with any other levels.



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Lawrence Erlbaum


Mahwah, New Jersey


Special Education and Communication Disorders