<i>Home Rule In America: A Fifty-State Handbook</i>

Home Rule In America: A Fifty-State Handbook



Editors: Dale Krane (UNO Faculty Member), Platon N Rigos, Melvin B Hill

Chapter, Nebraska, authored by Dale Krane, UNO faculty member.

Home rule powers are essential parts of the American governing process, but they vary widely from state to state. This authoritative reference work examines the powers and functions of municipalities and counties that operate under home rule within each state. For example, the ability of a local municipality to raise taxes, annex land, or impose regulations is determined by their home rule powers from the states. This volume provides a reliable reference work for researchers and students - a single source that readers can trust for information about: the actions that local governments can - and cannot - pursue; states where power is centralized at the capital and where it is not; how home rule varies within each state by governmental function; and trends in important issues such as taxes, land annexation, and citizen access. The editors organized the book in three parts: an overview of American home rule, including its history; a state-by-state description of home rule authority; and a comparative appendix that allows readers a quick reference source of powers by state. A scholar or governmental expert was selected in each state to prepare the state descriptions. Each chapter follows the same outline of content that allows easy comparison between states. In an era of power and responsibilities devolving from the national government to states and localities, the use of home rule powers has become increasingly important to the health of American government and federalism. Researchers and interested citizens will benefit from this comprehensive reference.



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CQ Press


Washington, D.C.


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<i>Home Rule In America: A Fifty-State Handbook</i>

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