<i>Robots in K-12 Education: A New Technology for Learning</i>


Robots in K-12 Education: A New Technology for Learning



Edittos: Bradley S. Barker, Gwen Nugent, Neal Grandgenett (UNO faculty member) and Viacheslav I. Adamchuk.

Chapters co-authored by UNO faculty include:

Chapter 5, Robotics and problem-based learning in STEM formal educational environments, co-authored by Neal Grandgenett, Elliott Ostler, Neal Topp, Robert Goeman

Chapter 9, The impact of educational robotics on student STEM learning, attitudes, and workplaces, co-authored by Neal Grandgenett

Chapter 14, Learning geospatial concepts as part of a non-formal education robotics experience, co-authored by Neal Grandgenett

Educational robotics provides students with a learning environment that has the potential to successfully integrate concepts within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) into K12 learning environments in class, after school, or for robotics competitions.

Robots in K-12 Education: A New Technology for Learning explores the theory and practice of educational robotics in the K-12 formal and informal educational settings, providing empirical research supporting the use of robotics for STEM learning. An essential resource for STEM educators, the book explores processes and strategies for developing and implementing robotics-based programs and documents the impact of educational robotics on youth learning by presenting research-based descriptions of robotics technologies and programs, as well as illustrative examples of learning activities, lessons, and assessments.



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