<i>Democracy and Public Administration </i>


Democracy and Public Administration



Chapter 10: Nonprofit Organizations, Philanthropy, and Democracy in the United States, authored by Angela Eikenberry, UNO faculty member.

The true measure of the successful practice of public service is its ability to remain faithful to the tenets of democratic society. This introductory text links the practice of public administration to the core concepts of American democracy. It covers the nuts and bolts of public administration in the context of delivering democracy in public service--providing what the public really wants as opposed to what self-serving bureaucracies may call for.

Chapters in Democracy and Public Administration discuss the functional topics covered in other texts, but from the perspective of this democratic ideal. Each chapter is written by an expert in the area, and summarizes previous research in the area, presents the author's research and thought, and offers ways in which practitioners can apply the concepts discussed to their daily work.



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