<i>Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying Risks in B2B E-Commerce Relationships</i>

Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying Risks in B2B E-Commerce Relationships



Co-authored by Deepak Khazanchi, UNO faculty member.

Enterprise risk management has moved to the forefront of corporate concerns amidst regulatory requirements within the United States and increased pressure from boards of directors, stockholders, and the general public. At the same time, internal auditors have assumed the responsibility of ensuring adequate internal controls are in place across the enterprise.

One reality confronting many corporate executives is that enterprise risk is not enterprise-centric but emanates from an extended enterprise and includes relationships with vendors, customers, and outsourcing providers. Indeed, in today’s environment, internal auditors can no longer simply compete in an organization versus organization environment, but rather survival is dictated through successful supply chain competitiveness. Inevitably, these extended-enterprise relationships are heavily dependent on information technology-based systems linked through increasingly tight business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce linkages.

This detailed research report:
- Articulates the risks surrounding B2B e-commerce relationships to enhance your understanding of how they impact enterprise risk management.
- Explores the various facets of B2B e-commerce relationships to help you attain a better understanding of key risk factors to monitor as a component of B2B e-commerce risk management efforts.
- Helps you understand how to assess relationships with current or potential B2B partners to better comprehend the likely risk level inherited via the trading relationship.
- Explains how to identify critical risk factors in sufficient detail to replicate the process if a uniquely tailored set of critical risk factors is desired.
- Provides a general strategy for addressing B2B e-commerce risks as a component of an overall enterprise risk management strategy.



Publication Date



The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Research Foundation


Altamonte Springs, FL


Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis


Arnold, V., Hampton, C., Khazanchi, D., and S.G. Sutton. (2004). Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying Risk in B2B E-Commerce Relationships. Altamonte Springs, FL: The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Research Foundation.

<i>Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying Risks in B2B E-Commerce Relationships</i>