<i>The Ashgate Research Companion to Media Geography</i>

The Ashgate Research Companion to Media Geography



Editors: Paul C. Adams, Jim Craine, California State University, Northridge, USA and Jason Dittmer

Chapter 14: Advertising Place, co-authored by Christina E. Dando, UNO faculty member.

This Companion provides an authoritative source for scholars and students of the nascent field of media geography. While it has deep roots in the wider discipline, the consolidation of media geography has started only in the past decade, with the creation of media geography's first dedicated journal, Aether, as well as the publication of the sub-discipline's first textbook. However, at present there is no other work which provides a comprehensive overview and grounding. By indicating the sub-discipline's evolution and hinting at its future, this volume not only serves to encapsulate what geographers have learned about media but also will help to set the agenda for expanding this type of interdisciplinary exploration. The contributors-leading scholars in this field, including Stuart Aitken, Deborah Dixon, Derek McCormack, Barney Warf, and Matthew Zook-not only review the existing literature within the remit of their chapters, but also articulate arguments about where the future might take media geography scholarship. The volume is not simply a collection of individual offerings, but has afforded an opportunity to exchange ideas about media geography, with contributors making connections between chapters and developing common themes.



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Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Burlington, VT


Geography and Geology


Part of the Ashgate Research Companion series.

Caine, J., Dando, C.E., & Davidson, R. (2014). Advertising Place In P. Adams, J. Craine, & J. Dittner (Eds.), The Ashgate Research Companion to Media Geography (pp. 231-242). Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

<i>The Ashgate Research Companion to Media Geography</i>

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