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Editor: Jordi Vives Gabriel

Chapter 9, Lululemon’s commitment to the environment: A tangle of seaweed, suppliers & social responsibility, co-authored by A. Erin Bass, UNO faculty member.

With the rapidly growing importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility in a globalised world, management schools are increasingly integrating long-term economic, environmental and social issues into their teaching and research. Climate change, poverty, labour standards and human rights are among the many topics that future decision-makers will need to face in their careers. Business education needs to reflect this new reality and provide a broadened understanding of value creation in order to create economic capital while developing social and preserving natural capital. Case studies can be important tools for creating learning processes on different levels - students are forced to struggle with exactly the kinds of decisions and dilemmas managers confront every day. In this reflection of reality, the values and goals of the student are systematically challenged. This can be especially valuable in the context of sustainability management - organisations are now continually forced to value the different aspects of sustainability and their interrelations: How do social issues impact the economic bottom line? How can an environmentally sound strategy create a positive impact on employee motivation and thus have measurable impact on economic performance? What comes first and why? This third collection of oikos case studies is based on the winning cases from the 2010 to 2013 annual case competition. So what makes an excellent case in sustainability management? These cases have been highly praised because they provide excellent learning opportunities, tell engaging stories, deal with recent situations, include quotations from key actors, are thought-provoking and controversial, require decision-making, provide clear take-aways and are all supported by teaching guidance and comprehensive teaching notes available to faculty. These cases are clustered in three different sections: "Large Corporations and Corporate Sustainability Dilemmas", "Managing Stakeholder Relations" and "Sustainability as a Source of Differentiation Strategies". Case Studies in Sustainability Management will be an essential purchase for educators and is likely to be a widely used as a course textbook at all levels of management education.



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This case is published as Bass, A.E. & Morris, R.J. (2014), “Lululemon’s commitment to the environment: A tangle of seaweed, suppliers & social responsibility” In J. Vives Gabriel (Ed.), Case studies in sustainability management - The oikos collection (vol. 3), pp.175-89. Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing. © Greenleaf Publishing Limited.

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<i>Case Studies in Sustainability Management - The Oikos Collection Vol. 3</i>