<i>Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Supervision</i>

Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Supervision



Editor: Karin Jordan

Chapter 4, Tailoring Supervision to Supervisees’ Developmental Level, co-authored by Ashley Blount, UNO faculty member.

Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) is a profession that is expected to grow rapidly over the next ten years. This timely text provides the essential knowledge base for all facets of supervision in marriage and family therapy that is required to become an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. The book focuses specifically on the distinctive model of supervision used in Marriage and Family Therapy and further examines the unique supervisory issues arising within different approaches to the profession. Distinguished by its use of a single case example across chapters to help clarify how different theories differ and overlap, the book embraces the full range of theoretical approaches, in addition to featuring a “nuts and bolts” approach to the day-to-day fundamentals of MFT supervision.

Grounded in the most up-to-date literature, the text discusses methods and issues of MFT supervision within multigenerational, structural, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, feminist, integrative, brief, and other supervision models. The text also surveys the most important and emerging settings and populations in which marriage and family therapists work, including medical and post-disaster trauma-informed practices. It covers legal and ethical issues and discusses how culture, gender, and ethnicity must be considered during the supervision process. The text also addresses how to tailor supervision to the supervisee’s developmental level. Examples of common supervision dilemmas vividly demonstrate foundational principles. With contributions from leading marriage and family therapy educators and experienced supervisors, the text is designed for therapists at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels who seek the Approved Supervisor Credential and for MFT faculty who teach the AAMFT supervision course.



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New York, NY




Lambie, G. W., & Blount, A. J. (Accepted). Tailoring supervision to the supervisee’s developmental level. In K. Jordan (Ed.). Couple, marriage and family therapy supervision. New York, NY: Spring Publishing.

<i>Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Supervision</i>

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