<i>Strong Brands, Strong Relationships</i>

Strong Brands, Strong Relationships



Editors: Susan Fournier, Michael J Breazeale and Jill Avery

Chapter 20, Branding Terror: Building Notoriety in Violent Extremist Organizations, co-authored by Erin G. Pleggenkuhle-Miles, Gina Scott Ligon, and Mackenzie Harms, UNO faculty members.

From the editor team of the ground-breaking Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice comes this new volume. Strong Brands, Strong Relationships is a collection of innovative research and management insights that build upon the foundations of the first book, but takes the study of brand relationships outside of traditional realms by applying new theoretical frameworks and considering new contexts. The result is an expanded and better-informed account of people’s relationships with brands and a demonstration of the important and timely implications of this evolving sub-discipline.

A range of different brand relationship environments are explored in the collection, including: online digital spaces, consumer collectives, global brands, luxury brands, branding in terrorist organizations, and the brand relationships of men and transient consumers. This book attends to relationship endings as well as their beginnings, providing a full life-cycle perspective. While the first volume focused on positive relationship benefits, this collection explores dysfunctional dynamics, adversarial and politically-charged relationships, and those that are harmful to well-being. Evocative constructs are leveraged, including secrets, betrayals, anthropomorphism, lying, infidelity, retaliation, and bereavement. The curated collection provides both a deeper theoretical understanding of brand relationship phenomena and ideas for practical application from experiments and execution in commercial practice.

Strong Brands, Strong Relationships will be the perfect read for marketing faculty and graduate students interested in branding dynamics, as well as managers responsible for stewarding brands.



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New York, New York


Marketing and Management


Breazeale, M., Pleggenkuhle-Miles, E., Ligon, G. S., & Harms, M. (2015). Branding Terror: Building Notoriety in Violent Extremist Organisations In S. Fournier, M.J. Breazeale & J. Avery (Eds.), Strong Brands, Strong Relationships. Routledge, London.

<i>Strong Brands, Strong Relationships</i>