<i>The Oxford Handbook of Child Psychological Assessment</i>

The Oxford Handbook of Child Psychological Assessment



Editors: Donald H Saklofske, Vicki L Schwean, and Cecil R Reynolds

Chapter 31: Testing accommodations for children with disabilities, co-authored by Brian McKevitt, UNO faculty member.

Psychological assessment has always paralleled the growth of psychology and its specialties, and it is not an overstatement to say that measurement and assessment are the cornerstones of psychology, providing the tools and techniques for gathering information to inform our understanding of human behavior. However, the continued growth and new developments in the assessment literature requires an ongoing examination of the principles and practices of central importance to psychological assessment.

The Oxford Handbook of Child Psychological Assessment

covers all areas of child and adolescent assessment. Leaders in the field summarize and synthesize state-of-the-science assessment theories, techniques, and applications. Placing an emphasis on clinical and psychoeducational assessment issues, chapters explore issues related to the foundations, models, special topics, and practice of psychological assessment. Appropriate as a desk reference or a cover-to-cover read, this comprehensive volume surveys fundamental principles of child assessment, including ability, achievement, behavior, and personality; covers the role of theory and measurement in psychological assessment; and presents new methods and data.



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<i>The Oxford Handbook of Child Psychological Assessment</i>