A Review Essay: Tóyìn Fálolá and Ann Genova, editors. Yorùbá Creativity: Fiction, Language, Life and Songs

Pamela J. Olúbùnmi Smith, University of Nebraska at Omaha

A publication of the African Literature Association.


Yorùbá Creativity: Fiction, Language, Life and Songs, is a compilation of a collaborative introduction by the editors and nineteen essays. Originally presented at the 3rd International conference on Perspectives on Yorùbá History and Culture held at the University of Texas, Austin on March 24-28, 2004, it affirms the vitality of language and creativity in Yorùbáland and the diaspora. An effective model of the intersection of disciplines, the volume's essays cover a range of issues from gender roles and the balance between tradition and modernity, to the cultural and linguistic links between "continental' and diasporal Yorùbá, to indigenous oral discourse and Yorùbá pedagogy of knowledge transmission, to the preservation and transmission of culture through modernized musical forms, to the "what and how to" of Yorùbá art and language instruction.