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The UNO Goldstein Center for Human Rights bears the burden, like other academic programs and human rights organizations, of not only exploring human rights in theory but of actually researching and making public human rights abuses. This leads us down some dark paths in our classrooms and publications. Human rights matter for real individuals and their families. In 2021, year two of Covid-19, pressing human rights issues have come close to home here in Omaha, Nebraska. The year began with a raging public health emergency and an attempted insurrection to overthrow the results of a democratic election in the United States. Like Covid-19, this crisis in American democracy has not yet abated. Human rights related work has come under great pressure from anti-democratic forces across the world. We are entirely aware that our present labors at the Goldstein Center are not carried out in an apolitical vacuum but instead under the umbrella of academic freedom secured by our forebears. Human rights and democracy go hand in hand.