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Winter 2002


Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Nebraska commemorate Holy Week with a popular display of religious fervor. In semblance with the old religious traditions in Mexico, the Mexicanos, old and new residents, parade through the Omaha streets following the Way of the Cross on Good Friday. Processions, rituals, and plays are not only a yearly Catholic ritual in the streets of Omaha but an essential part of Mexican American and Latino cultural identity. Palm Sunday and the Way of the Cross are but a few of the constituent elements of the growing manifestations of Latino popular culture in the state. The religious celebrations are organized and sponsored by the Catholic parish of Saint Agnes-Virgin de Guadalupe, which are the pivot, protector, and guide of the Latino community in Omaha.


Published in Great Plains Research 12 (Winter 2002): 13-26 © Copyright, the Center for Great Plains Studies. Used by permission.