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Although numerous nonfiction works about American Indians fill juvenile sections of public libraries, most are written by educators who know little about the subtleties of Indian life. The result is a myriad of books that reflect a "Great Chiefs" approach, or worse yet, a type of composite Native American hero distill tribes for the young adult and general reading audience, Frank W. Porter III, Director of Chelsea House Foundation for the Study of American Indians, has initiated a 53-volume series of tribally and topically organized books. The length of each volume is rigidly maintained at 111 pages, and the list of projected authors constitutes a "who's who" of anthropologists and historians who are experts in their assigned areas.ed from a variety of tribal experiences. To provide more authoritative books on a variety of Indian.


Published in GREAT PLAINS QUARTERLY 11:3 (Summer 1991). Copyright © 1991 Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.