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The ability to exchange opinions and experiences online is known as online word of mouth (WOM). Due to the high acceptance of consumers and their apparent reliance on online WOM it is important for organizations to understand how it works and what kind of impact it has on product sales. Using the well-established notions of volume and valence to describe online WOM, we empirically evaluate the hypothesized relationship between online WOM in a retail e-commerce site and actual product sales. Our analysis of the data shows that there is a significant change in the number of products sold following the addition of online WOM to a retail e-commerce site’s product pages. Additionally, only the volume dimension of online WOM, measured by the number of customer review comments, is shown to have an influence on product sales.


Published in Proceedings of the 13th Annual Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Excerpted from Davis, A. and Khazanchi, D. (2007, August 9-12). The influence of online word of mouth on product sales in retail e-commerce: An empirical investigation . Proceedings of the 13th Annual Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS-13), Keystone, Colorado. [AISeL], © 2007. Used with permission from Association for Information Systems, Atlanta, GA; 404-413-7444; All rights reserved.