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Although the trend for on-line banking has increased in recent years, the customers have not shown enthusiastic participation in the past and in present. Since the sustainability of a bank supporting on-line-banking service depends on what capacity it can attract new customers, retain already existing customers and how well can it extend its services to the current and future customer base. This investigation is focused on examining if there is any significant difference among the factors namely the transactional security, information design, navigational design, visual design, web site trust, web site satisfaction and e-loyalty over sustainability of on-line banking for different banks in USA and in India. An already available questionnaire with 23 questions classified under seven different factors mentioned above was circulated among 91 and 93 participants from USA and India who had a good experience on on-line banking. The results of the survey were analyzed using MANOVA and ANOVA. Results from the survey indicated that transaction security in on-line banking system was a concern among on-line bankers in India. But none of the factors were significant for on-line bankers in USA.


Published in proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Sustainability Conference Committee of Suscon 2011 at IIM Shillong, India. 9-11, Nov, 2011.