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With the development of cloud computing infrastructure, how to combine enterprise information services with external cloud computing resources is an important issue important research topic. At present, some major service providers in the market, such as Google, IBM and HP, etc. It strives to promote and provide powerful cloud computing capabilities and a complete application service environment; however, the current cloud computing The overall application and data are placed on an external platform, causing doubts about the transfer of control rights and information security when enterprises introduce cloud computing. consider..

This research adopts Google Cloud Computing Environment, combines Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architecture to develop a four-dimensional Layered service platform, in which the application interface layer takes advantage of the open platform to reduce the burden of service interface development. center The control layer connects the service provider and the service demander, controls the complete service process, and uses external cloud computing and Resources in the Data Center. The service supply layer combines various application services and data sources, by separating computing and data This method allows service demanders to maintain control over data, so as to solve the doubts about information security when enterprises introduce cloud architecture. consider. The infrastructure layer can be connected to cloud computing resources, and the service architecture and computing proposed by various cloud operators can be used in the future Capability and storage resources, and according to the advantages and characteristics of individual platforms, give full play to the benefits of cloud computing architecture. Finally, this study demonstrates the feasibility and integration of this service platform by developing the application of digital learning community websites The advantages of external cloud computing services, and future research directions.


This thesis is in Chinese.

Master's Thesis, National Chengchi University