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January 2011


We often think about democracy only as a political system where we elect those who will make laws that affect us. Yet everyday decisions taken in all kinds of organisations impact on us just as much. Therefore we have to know when decisions taken in organisations are going to affect us in ways that differ from the official organisational discourse. Whistleblowing plays a role in providing that knowledge and thus is a means to democracy. This book is a collection of essays on recent organisational and legal developments on whistleblowing in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.


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Moberly, R., & Wylie, L.E. (2011). An Empirical Study of Whistleblower Policies in United States Corporate Codes of Ethics. In D. Lewis & W. Vandekerckhove (Eds.) Whistleblowing and Democratic Values. The International Whistleblowing Research Network, 27-55.