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Over the past twenty-five years, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative®, or JDAI, has worked closely with local jurisdictions to examine the appropriate use of juvenile detention. The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Juvenile Justice Institute (JJI) has been in the forefront of juvenile justice reform and policy work since it was legislatively created in 2002. JJI staff and faculty have completed detention utilization studies in other Nebraska JDAI sites and play an active role in statewide JDAI committees and committees in local jurisdictions. The recommendations from this report are designed to help Hall County professionals decide the best use of detention and where changes can be made to better serve youth and possibly realize cost savings. This work aligns with the core values of JDAI by analyzing whether low risk youth are being detained, identifying opportunities to reduce length of stay, and by determining whether racial and ethnic disparities exist in detention.