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Another Earth


This is a review of Another Earth (2011), directed by Mike Cahill.

Problem Solving Group at the Columbia Correctional Institution is a mental health therapy group designed to not only improve the participants’ adjustment to incarceration, but to also deepen their critical thinking capabilities and to connect them to both the world at large and to their inner search for purpose and meaning. It is comprised of men from ages 21 to 53 with varying educational levels, from middle school to some college courses. The majority are serving long prison terms, from 25 years to natural Life. The group meets weekly and jointly tackles the central themes of books and films chosen for their mental health content. Thus, once a week, the men come together as individuals, not just as inmates with numbers. Once a week, intellectual demands are made of them. Once a week, they truly do enter “Another Earth.”

Review by (in alphabetical order): Brandon Bennett, Enrique Brown, David Donnadio, Jeff Grant, Anthony Jones, Joquan Mathis, Nicholas Odegaard, Bennith Paul: Inmates at Columbia Correctional Institution, Florida Department of Corrections; Sponsored by K. Fabian, MS, and L. Wiley, MA-Mental Health Specialists