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Spring 2018

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Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education




Special Issue on Teaching Innovations in Sales Education

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Purpose of the Study: International sales jobs are plentiful; yet many marketing students do not pursue them. This study describes an international negotiation teaching innovation that improved student awareness of both the challenges and rewards of a career in international sales.

Method Design and Sample: The use of a cross-cultural negotiation exercise in sales classes from two countries is tested to provide an experiential learning opportunity in a computer-supported, collaborative learning setting. Prior research has shown that the use of web-based technology can enhance collaboration and construction of knowledge (Comeaux and McKenna-Byington, 2003). Students first engaged in a virtual ‘get-to-know you’ exercise. Following lectures on cultural differences and team negotiations, they followed guidelines of a fictional cultural briefing to conduct a cross-cultural negotiation exercise. Throughout the experience, students completed surveys and maintained journals.

Results: The innovation increased student knowledge of sales and negotiations while simultaneously improving attitudes toward, and confidence in, international collaboration. Students reported higher intent to pursue international sales careers over the control group.

Value to Marketing Educators: Business schools and sales students can increase job market competitiveness through intercultural skill development (Kurpis and Hunter, 2017; Delpechitre and Baker, 2017). Despite progress in sales course offerings, international exposure is still lacking. Soft skills, such as cultural literacy, are considered key to success in the job market (Tuleja, 2014). This negotiation exercise between classes is a realistic way to enhance intercultural skill development within the sales curriculum.


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