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Spring 2016

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Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education




Special Issue on Sales Education

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Purpose of the Study: This study describes a creative solution to teaching on-line sales(TONS). On-line education is increasingly in demand; yet, many sales instructors are unsure of how to transfer this interactive, skills-based course from face-to-face to an on-line format. The on-line course is described in detail, with weekly topics, assignments, rubrics, and teaching materials available. The skills-based active learning format develops student knowledge and know-how while building to a final project. Importantly, the technological and time considerations for instructors are kept to a minimum.

Method/Design and Sample: This study tests the use of the on-line TONS teaching method through qualitative and quantitative student responses and evaluations from three classes. Qualitative data was analyzed to identify themes of learning and satisfaction. Quantitative course evaluations provide a comparison between on-line and in-person introductory sales classes.

Results: Qualitative results show that the TONS innovation was successful in promoting experiential learning in the on-line format. Identified themes indicate on-line students learned key aspects of the sales process, valued the interaction provided, and believed the course resulted in cumulative learning and was applicable to their employment. Quantitative evaluations show that on-line courses were rated equally to a comparable in-person course.

Value to Marketing Educators: As educators are pushed toward on-line, blended, and otherwise virtual course formats, it is critical that student learning not suffer. Also important is the need to minimize instructor time investment in course preparation and teaching. This study provides detailed instruction of how any instructor can use TONS to deliver experiential learning on-line.


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