Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Mathematics (MA-MATH)



First Advisor

Dr. Michael Matthews


What is our goal when teaching students geometry? Is it to obtain a passing grade, be able to construct geometric figures, know all of the necessary terms? I would like to propose that the purpose is to cultivate a love for the logic, art, and argument of geometry. The original geometry book written by Euclid was used as a guide for two thousand years and led many of our historical geometers to discoveries. Instead of relying on memorizing confusing acronyms for congruent figures, let's give the students an opportunity to see the work behind the properties. By using the methods outlined in this curriculum, students will experience geometry, study how to accurately justify their work, learn how to discuss, disagree, and defend respectfully, and know the math behind the theorems. To evaluate the curriculum, a small pilot study was conducted on the impact on student learning. Moreover, the impact and value of this curriculum was evaluated by two experts who specialize in teaching mathematics at the high school level.


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