Conference proceedings and presentations by the Marketing and Management Department faculty members are collected here.


Submissions from 2014


Thriving under pressure: An exploration of research productivity in business Ph.D. programs, Ivana Milosevic, Ted A. Paterson, and A. Erin Bass

Submissions from 2010


Lululemon’s commitment to the environment: A tangle of seaweed, suppliers, and social responsibility, A. Erin Bass

Submissions from 2001


Why Can't We Wait (To Spend) and the Law of Unintended Consequences: Potential Negative Impact on Minority Employees from Well-Intentioned Organizational Compensation Practices, James R. Jones

Submissions from 2000


"If You Build Them Up, They Will Stay": The Role of Recognition and Feedback on Student Retention, James R. Jones

Submissions from 1999


The Problem with "All for One and One for All" Expectations: Differential Effects of Race and Commitment in the Workplace, James R. Jones

Submissions from 1998


When "Reason" Is In the Eye of the Beholder: A Reexamination of the "Reasonable Man" Standard as Applied to Organizational Management, James R. Jones