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Based out of the Jerusalem Music Centre in Israel, Dr. Ron Merhavi has recorded a CD of solo double bass works composed from 1986 through 2008. Several of the works were commissioned by Merhavi and represent an assortment of contemporary styles. Merhavi is a versatile double bassist, and he is well-suited to the task of tackling the variety of challenges that confront performers of new works for solo double bass. The CD opens with David Anderson's Capriccio No. 2 (1997), a work whose pedal tones, use of idiomatic harmonics and double stops, and Progressive Arena Rock rhythms represent the composer's compositional predilections. Merhavi clearly understands the intent of the composer and communicates it with efficacy. Mimes and Pantomimes by Andre Hajdu is a group of six short miniatures commissioned by Merhavi. Each miniature elaborates a singular gesture. Merhavi intelligently interprets and performs the six disparate movements and delivers a cogent unification of the works.


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