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I first joined the ISB as a student member at the urging of Charles Hoag, one of my bass teachers when I was growing up in Kansas. For me, the most important benefit of TSB membership was the ISB's journal. Back in those days when the primary tools for research were card catalogs and the RILM Abstracts, I couldn't just do a Google search on the keywords "double bass" to learn more about my instrument and other bassists. The journal of the International Society of Bassists, presently titled Bass World, was my only link to the national and international double bass community. It expanded my perspective and inspired me to pursue excellence in my activities as a bassist. It continues to enrich my understanding of the instrument and connect me with other bassists and their work. There were and still are many compelling, insightful, inspiring, and informative articles written about the double bass. I always admired the editors who helped facilitate the production of the ISB journal, especially the ones who communicated by phone and snail-mail, wrote articles with a typewriter, and did layout by hand.


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