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This Naxos American Classics CD and Jose Serebrier's composition Nueve: Double Bass Concerto is a fitting setting for a larger-than-life double bass legend who needs no introduction. A brief glance at the instrumentation and resources that have been allocated to this endeavor demonstrate the musical opulence that is afforded artists of the highest rank, double bass or otherwise. The forces that have been assembled to realize this large-scale work on a major long-standing record label include not only a full orchestra, but also a chorus and a famous actor, Simon Callow. One might think that this dramatic configuration of forces would be overwhelming for a lone double bass, but crafty recording engineering and judicious orchestration allow the double bass its space within the complex texture in addition to allowing the large ensemble to utilize its powerful dynamic range and explore a variety of timbral possibilities. For more details on the production of this work, see Gary Karr's article "Nueve" in Bass World, Vol. 34, No. 2.


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