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Summer 2023

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The Miror Journal





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Malicious insiders pose a serious risk to valued organizational assets, including proprietary information, institutional processes, personnel, finances, reputation, and firm connections. Research-based solutions for predicting, detecting, and mitigating insider threats have focused heavily on individual, organizational, and cyber risk factors (Kont et al. 2015; Greitzer et al. 2018). To that end, scholars have increasingly recognized that people’s personalities, motivations, grievances, and work stressors raise the risk of insider threat events, and the corresponding interventional strategies involve cybersecurity and work design practices to safeguard the organization against human error and deviance (Homoliak et al. 2019; Greitzer et al. 2013; Maasberg, Warren, and Beebe 2015). Yet, despite evidence that insider threat events are perpetrated by people situated within a social and organizational context, discussions of insider threat have only started to recognize the importance of socio-organizational protective factors for reducing the occurrence of insider threats (Moore, Gardner, and Rousseau 2022; Whitty 2021). We argue that a healthy organization—an organization whose people, practices, and policies effectively sustain its survival and performance—may be key to preventing and managing insider threats.


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