NCJR was established in 2014 to serve as a multidisciplinary research center. NCJR was previously known as the Consortium for Crime and Justice Research, a research unit within the UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service. The Juvenile Justice Institute (JJI) is part of the NCJR and serves as the research arm for Nebraska's juvenile justice system.

Mission Statement
The Nebraska Center for Justice Research (NCJR) is devoted to maintaining a sustainable multidisciplinary research center internal to the State of Nebraska. We assist the legislature with research, evaluation, and policymaking in the effort to reduce recidivism, promote the use of evidence-based practices, and improve public safety.

Statement of Goals
The Nebraska Center for Justice Research is comprised of a dedicated team of social science researchers who strive to serve the people of Nebraska as well as the University community. In pursuit of this overall goal, we:
• Conduct rigorous, objective, and neutral examinations of social, economic, and political issues facing the Nebraska community.
• Educate the public and provide assistance to the legislature regarding all issues related to social welfare and the criminal justice system.
• Contribute to the University’s graduate program by involving students in funded data collection and analysis projects.

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