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This report presents quarterly data and evaluation updates for the Vocational and Life Skills Program (VLS) through Quarter Six of Grant Cycle Three. VLS was created by the Nebraska Legislative Bill 907 in 2014 to reduce recidivism and increase meaningful employment for Nebraskans convicted of a crime. The report contains 1) descriptions of the eight funded programs across the state, 2) a snapshot of program participation across the programs, 3) demographics of the participants served by the VLS initiative, and 4) participation breakdowns and descriptions of the skills participants are gaining through VLS programming. VLS continues to update service providers to ensure the best programming is available to Nebraska participants.

The VLS initiative is evaluated by the Nebraska Center for Justice Research (NCJR) to identify the impact these programs and services have in increasing meaningful employment. As part of the evaluation, NCJR provides trainings to support grantees as needed, and manages participant data in a data management system created specifically for VLS. NCJR provides feedback and information to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) regarding the implementation process and data updates on a monthly and quarterly basis. NCJR has collaborated with service providers to create individualized evaluation plans with manageable goals and is working to complete an overall evaluation of VLS during this grant cycle.

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Vocational & Life Skills Grant Cycle 3 Programs Funded



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