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The University of Nebraska is a four-campus, public university which was created and exists today to serve Nebraskans through quality teaching, research, and outreach and engagement. We strive to be the best public university in the country as measured by the impact we have on our people and our state, and through them, the world. To do that, we must compete effectively with other institutions around the world for talented students and faculty. The future of Nebraska is closely tied to that of its only public university, and this framework guides university-wide and campus planning to help build and sustain a Nebraska that offers its citizens educational and economic opportunity and a high quality of life.

The framework consists of six overarching goals emphasizing access and affordability, quality academic programs, workforce and economic development, research growth, engagement with the state, and accountability. Each goal has a number of related objectives, strategies and accountability measures developed for Board and university-wide monitoring over a multi-year period. Companion documents include an implementation tool with metrics and the schedule for monitoring by the Board, as well as a dashboard reflecting progress.

The university’s efforts will not be limited to these priorities, as we expect to be able to measure progress in other areas given the interrelatedness of the objectives, other priorities of the Board and the President, and the ongoing strategic planning efforts of the four campuses. Campus plans are consistent with this framework and operate within its broader goals. Each campus has established a set of quality indicators that provide a means to evaluate achievement and momentum related to its principal objectives.


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