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Outcomes: The program has eight distinct SLOs (goals). Measures: A single measurement tool (internship supervisor evaluation) was used to assess each SLO. Specific items on the measurement tool were aligned to each of the goals. The performance assessment was completed for 48 students, and a proficiency target was identified (80% assessed as satisfactory or exceptional). Results Reported: The routine data collection over three year period substantiates the results. The internship supervisor evaluation provides the program with results for the eight program goals. Goals 1-7 were assessed with a single data point (one item per goal from the internship supervisor evaluation). Results from one item on one measure may not be sufficient for analysis. Goal 8 had multiple data points (nine items from the internship supervisor evaluation). Decisions & Actions: The program has identified the need for additional data and plans to assess student portfolios in the near future. This will strengthen their results, particularly for Goals 1-7. This also strengthens the program’s overall assessment plan in that SLOs will now be assessed from multiple perspectives (internship supervisors and faculty).


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