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The University of Nebraska Omaha community understands that meeting the goals of a metropolitan university of distinction with 20,000 students by the year 2020 presents both challenges and opportunities. Simultaneously increasing enrollment and educational quality will require strategic investments that leverage the campus’ current strengths and position it to take full advantage of exciting potential growth areas. Five areas were designated as key campus priorities to spearhead efforts to reach the 20/20 milestone.
The university enlisted faculty and staff committees to write “white papers” on how under take action plans for the areas of Doctoral/Graduate Research; Early Childhood/Child Welfare;Global Engagement, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Initiatives, and Sustainability. This report summarizes and provides data from those papers.
The overarching imperative directing all considerations of these five emphases is to draw upon the inherent and unique strengths of UNO, especially in providing an interdisciplinary framework in which to bring each key initiative to fruition. This report will both identify current abilities and activities with each of the five areas and will recommend how best to move forward.


Document uploaded 4/13/16.