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During 2015-2016 the Office of STEM (OSTEM) Education at UNO has continued to move aggressively forward in undertaking and leading STEM Learning projects, many of which collaborate closely with several other UNO colleges and other formal and informal educational institutions. Also continuing into 2016, OSTEM is steadily transitioning to becoming more of a focused departmental organization, while the UNO STEM Leadership Team takes over more of the campus-wide STEM Priority efforts.

This report describes the TED STEM successes, ongoing efforts and challenges this last year with a direct focus on the TED and COE context, and only lightly touches on the wider campus efforts. For reference on the wider campus STEM Priority efforts, there are other documents that can be reviewed as desired,such as journal articles that have been published related to various UNO STEM initiatives, and that are referenced in this report. The wider UNO STEM efforts have of course been led from a solid base of TED and COE support, and the campus continues to look to our leadership on numerous STEM initiatives. The wider support of Dr. Edwards, Dr. Edick, Dr. Barnes, Dr. Conway and other colleagues in TED and across campus have been critical to the overall UNO campus STEM successes to date, helping to move not only our TED STEM efforts ahead but also the campus STEM efforts.


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