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The following document is a strategic plan for STEMeducation at UNO as of September 5, 2013. Thedocument represents nearly six months of strategicplanning discussions, meetings, and conversationsbetween those of us on the writing team and many ofyou, our colleagues and friends that share our passionfor excellence in STEM education at UNO. It is alsothe result of a review of our local STEM statistics, theprofessional literature on STEM learning, and a sampleof what other universities are doing to enhance STEMlearning on their campuses. The document is intended tobe a very dynamic one that will be revisited yearly as wecontinue to move steadily forward. In an appendix, wehave listed more than 120 individuals who have alreadyeither reviewed the document or contributed to it in someway. We have received feedback and contributions on theplan from so many people over a relatively short periodof time that it has been difficult to keep track of everyonewho has contributed, and we apologize if we missedincluding anyone on the list. As a strategic planningteam, we are certainly appreciative of the many sharedideas, suggestions, and thoughts, and we continue tolook forward to working with everyone who is interested in contributing to the ongoing UNO STEM education conversations and efforts.


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