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For the last three years, the campus has recognized that the current general education curriculum was complex, difficult to assess, and the overall goals for the curriculum were not clearly defined or understood by the faculty, staff, and students. The curriculum nor goals had not been seriously discussed in almost 20 years. In order to address those issues, teams from UNO attended the AAC& U General Education Institutes as well as conferences on General Education and Assessment. Additionally, a General Education Task Force engaged the entire campus in computer facilitated conversations to generate desired student learning outcomes for the general education curriculum. Finally, a 2008-2009 Task Force on Academic Advising recognized the important link between a complex and decentralized general education curriculum and problems with academic advising. By declaring general education as an action project, it will focus the campus attention with a timeline that will assist us in completing the review process, developing common student learning outcomes, and a process for on-going assessment and improvement.


Document uploaded 4/22/16.