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Spring 2015


CLA+ has two primary uses. The first use—helping institutions estimate their contributions to the development of students’ higher-order thinking skills—is achieved through growth estimates, as well as overall evidence of students’ competency in critical-thinking and written communication. The second use highlights these skills for individual students; CLA+ results provide a valuable tool for potential employers and graduate schools to ascertain the depth of a student's critical-thinking and written-communication skills. With CLA+ Career Connect, those results become accessible and actionable. CLA+ Career Connect gives students a leg up in today’s competitive job market, enabling them to: post electronic badges verifying their performance to LinkedIn or other social networking profiles; attend exclusive career fairs with prominent employers; and feature their results on digital credential profiles.

CLA+ results are a powerful tool for assessing students’ critical-thinking and written communication skills, measuring growth on these skills, and determining how your institution compares to other colleges and universities using CLA+.

University of Nebraska at Omaha has a freshman Total CLA+ score of 1083; this score is greater than or equal to the average freshman score at 70% of CLA+ schools. A score of 1083 demonstrates Basic mastery of the critical thinking and written-communication skills measured by CLA+.

University of Nebraska at Omaha's senior Total CLA+ score is 1142, which is better than or equal to the average senior score at 53% of CLA+ schools. A score of 1142 signifies Proficient mastery of the skills measured by CLA+.

Given the mean CLA+ performance of University of Nebraska at Omaha's freshmen and the entering academic ability of its seniors University of Nebraska at Omaha's value added is Near what would be expected relative to schools testing similar populations of students.


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