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While in principal the committee concurs with the vast majority of the recommendations from the self-study provided by the ACDC staff, it is abundantly clear that few if any of the recommendations will be sustained in either the short-term or the long-term unless there is a clear and articulated statement from the senior administration of the university (cabinet-level) signaling it’s support for and promotion of the importance and centrality of academic advising and career development as integral elements of the university’s strategic plan.

In this context, the committee sees academic excellence as being closely tied the programs and services offered by ACDC to enhance student academic and career objectives and aspirations. Moreover, the ACDC mission is closely aligned with the remaining two goals of the strategic plan by virtue of its close relationships with students and their success, and the importance of establishing and maintaining strong employer and business community relations (student centered and community engaged).


Document uploaded 6/30/16.