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Background: Few children meet the physical activity (PA) recommendations. One new and innovative ways school have tried to improve this is through classroom PA. Studies have found that incorporating opportunities for classroom PA can not only increase PA but also increase children’s time on-task as well as academic scores. However little is known about teachers’ perceptions of.classroom PA Purpose: The purpose of the study was to determine teacher’s perceptions regarding classroom PA. Methods: Four school districts in a metropolitan Midwest City were recruited to participate. Twelve teachers from each district took part in a semi-structured interview over the phone(n=48). Data were analyzed using the process of immersion/crystallization. Results: Factors from all five levels of the socio-ecological model impacted teachers’ perceptions. Conclusion: Results provide preliminary evidence that teachers have a positive view of classroom PA. Future strategies to improve the use of classroom PA will be discussed.


ACSM 2015