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Utilizing classroom physical activity (PA) resources in one method to increase PA and has been found to improve on-task behavior as well as academic performance. Based on surveys/interviews with teachers in the Omaha metro a pilot program entitled "Brain Blasters" was developed. The program focused on increasing teachers' knowledge of classroom PA resources and ways to overcome reported barriers for utilizing PA in their classrooms. The pilot was executed in two elementary classrooms in the Omaha metro area. The pilot consisted of identifying a PA champion within each school to promote the program, conducting a 45-minute training, sending weekly resource emails and providing resources in teachers' school mailboxes. The evaluation consisted of quantitative and qualitative measures. Results found teachers had a positive view of the project and the majority found the resources to be helpful. Future classroom PA promotion efforts should work with school personnel to identify the best methods for delivering resources to each particular school.


SBM 2016