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Historically within schools, physical education and recess periods have been utilized as the primary times for children to obtain some portion of physical activity (PA) recommendations during the school day. Due to academic pressure, opportunities for physical education and recess periods have been reduced. Fewer than 5% of schools require daily physical education and fewer than 12% require daily recess. Additional PA opportunities are needed throughout school day.

PURPOSE: The overall purpose of this study was to examine teachers’ utilization of classroom PA breaks.

METHODS: 332 Elementary school teachers from five school districts in a Midwest city were recruited to complete an online survey.

RESULTS: A majority of elementary school teachers from the school districts were utilizing classroom PA breaks and were interested in learning more about implementing them in their classroom.

DISCUSSION: Future research is needed on the most effective methods to increase classroom teachers’ knowledge about and use of classroom PA breaks. Additionally, further analysis is warranted to examine differences between school districts.


ACSM 2015